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Atharintiki Daredhi Full Review with Rating

cinemayam on Friday, September 27, 2013 | 9:57 AM

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Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Pranitha
Director : Trivikram Srinivas
Producer : BVSN Prasad
Music By : Devi Sri Prasad
Released on : September 27, 2013.

Rating  -  3.75 

Attarintiki Daredhi Review : A  Class Entertainer

Film starts with kidnapping of Samantha by comedians Venu, Dhanraj and others.
Samantha narrates her flash back to them taking them to Milan, Italy.
Boman Irani appears as the rich Nanda, the grandfather of Pawan Kalyan (Gautam Nanda)
Pawan Kalyan enters the screen with an action episode. Peter Heins excels with his action packed first fight both in fast and slow motion.
"Simham podukundi kadaa ani joolutho jada veyakoodadu raa..ade puli palakarinchindi kadaa ani pakkana nilabadi photo digaalanukokoodadu"
Emotional scene between Boman and Pawan.
"Gaganapu veedhi veedi.." Song depicts Pawan Kalyan's heroism in Italy as montage shots.
Pawan moves to India to get his aunt on the request of his grand father.
MS Narayana: "sir..ide Hyderabad..traffic chaalaa bad..peddammathalli famous god.."
Trivikram's punch dialogues working in theatre. Hilarious treat. Hysterical response.
“Ramudu samduram daggaraki vellaaka bridge elaa kattalo plan chesadu kaani, adivilo koorchuni plan geesukuni samduram daggariki raledu” is another line that worked well in theatre situationally.
Posani's entry with his trade mark dialogue and modulation.
Nadiya and Rao Ramesh appear as aunt and uncle to Pawan.
Pawan joins as driver at aunt and uncle telling some funny cock and bull story. Very funny.
"Deva devam..' Song. Praneetha appears on screen practicing classical dance.
"Antha possessive ayite aada pillalni kanakoodadandi..kannaa ilaa dance lu avi nerpinchakoodadu..vaallu choopiste glamor, memu chooste vulgaraa?? Praanaalu thodesthunnaaru".
Samantha holding her butt says 'ento..emi thinnaa ikkadike vellipothondi'.
Seeing Chiranjeevi as taxi driver in Gang Leader on TV, Pawan asks MS Narayana "eeyana evaru?"
MS: "chiranjeevi ani.."
Pawan: " Acting baane chesthunnaadu. Ippudem chesthunnaaru?"
MS: "maanesaaru sir"
Pawan : "Yenduku?"
MS: "vaallabbayi chesthunnaadu"
"Alternative ideas cheppalenappudu pakkanodini criticize cheyyakoodadu roi". This dialogue seems to be directly targeting critics.
Comedy scene on Pawan and Ali. Superb.
Samantha and Praneetha change dress in car being driven by Pawan.
Mumtaz and Hamsa Nandini in a pub teasing Pawan. "Ori devudo devudo em pillagade' song..Hot and spicy.More on Atharintiki Daredhi and Pawan Kalyan
We will be back with full review later..Pls stay with us.

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